Property Stylist on the Northern Beaches

A Guide To Styling Your Home for Sale With a Property Stylist on the Northern Beaches

Having your home styled professionally with contemporary furniture and designer décor can give it the wow factor and help it stand out in a competitive housing market. The Styling Project is a team of seasoned interior stylists well-acquainted with the nuances of styling houses for sale. We can match you with a dedicated property stylist in the Northern Beaches region to help highlight your home’s best features and get it marketing magazine ready.

What is Property Styling and How Does it Differ From Interior Design?

While there are many overlaps in property styling and interior design, they are two separate professions with distinctive approaches to home enhancement. Property stylists focus on decorating houses for sale, while interior designers often design spaces intended for long-term use. Here’s a summary of what a property stylist does and how it differs from traditional interior design.

  • The end goal. Property stylists and interior designers work towards two very different goals during the design process. A property stylist makes design decisions focusing on curating a space with a general appeal in line with current design trends. Interior designers spend more time planning functional spaces that often include convenient layouts to suit your lifestyle.
  • Depersonalising your space. Buyers hope to envision themselves living in the space when shopping for a new house. Styling your home for sale involves removing personal items such as photographs, pets’ and children’s toys, and sentimental trinkets. Property stylists typically strive for neutral spaces that appear untouched and ready for occupation. Conversely, an interior designer will gladly add personal design touches to your home.
  • Understanding buyer demographics. A home stylist often has experience working with real estate agents and property developers. Unlike interior designers, property stylists typically prioritise the housing market and current buyer trends in their design approaches. Property stylists often design spaces that appeal to a niche market to target specific buyer groups, create competition, and yield higher sale prices.
  • Marketable spaces. There is a difference between decorating a comfortable home and designing spaces that sell. Interior home styling aims to attract potential buyers with magazine-worthy spaces that showcase modern colour trends and imply luxurious living. Property stylists often place decorative elements in careful compositions perfect for capturing marketing photographs.
  • The process. Engaging a property stylist is usually quicker than working with an interior designer. Interior designers tend to prioritise your spatial needs, asking questions about your lifestyle and getting to know you and your family before designing your home. Property stylists work towards creating spaces that best showcase your house’s architecture, location, and general theme.

What You Can Expect From Our Full Home Styling Service

Getting your house fully styled involves completely transforming the interior with brand new furniture and décor to make it more attractive to potential buyers. We have completed numerous home styling projects that capture the story of each home and show off its best features. Here is how our full styling service works and what you can expect from the process.

  • Getting started fast. We will begin with an initial meeting to discuss the vision for your home and learn more about your property. You can chat to us about any ideas you already have and let us take the design lead, bringing them all together. We aim to get started as quickly as possible, and we will schedule your install date and provide an immediate quote during our first meeting based on your styling needs.
  • Professional planning. Our stylists are experienced professionals that explore and select decorative themes for your property through collaborative design. We will have internal working sessions to choose the best furniture, art, and décor to complement various elements we want to highlight in your home. We always consider the market and the trends that attract potential buyers best.
  • Same-day delivery and styling. Your stylists will arrive early on your chosen install date to set up your home with our selected pieces. After bringing in the main furniture items, we make sure every surface is accounted for, strategically placing plants, books, and table toppers that bring the design together. Your décor delivery, home styling, and marketing photography happen in a single day.
  • Designer décor. Using luxury furniture and accessories in your home makes it more marketable to high-end buyers, which may increase your final sale price. We use high-quality finishes, designer décor, and contemporary furniture to make the best impression for an open house. Your stylist will often choose items that bring out the natural character and charm of your home.
  • Furniture removal. You can relax after your styling day or open house while we do the heavy lifting. We will remove all the furniture and decorations, carefully packing them up and transporting them to our well-stocked warehouse. We can also help you remove and store your existing furniture before we style your home, and you are welcome to buy any of our furniture pieces that catch your eye.

Five Home Styling Tips From a Professional Property Stylist

Property stylists are masters of design with many clever tricks up our sleeves to transform any humble home into a designer dwelling. Here are five professional home styling tips to smoothly stage and sell your home.

  • Maximise lighting. Natural light is one of the most significant assets your home has, and you should showcase it wherever possible. Buyers love walking into a bright and breezy space, and well-lit rooms appear more spacious. Property stylists often incorporate lighting elements into their designs to make shadowy corners feel cosier.
  • Creating a focal point. Each room should have an eye-catching focal feature that attracts immediate attention when you enter the space. Your stylist will often create a focal point using various cohesive design elements, such as brightly coloured couches paired with dynamic shelving displays or artwork.
  • Consider the flow of movement. A well-designed interior is easy to navigate and does not hinder natural movement patterns. Professional home stylists consider the invisible pathways between areas of pause, such as the route from the dining table to the scullery, when planning furniture layouts.
  • Highlighting the architecture. Highlighting permanent fixtures and architectural elements suggests the house shines with or without furniture when potential buyers view the space. A property stylist will target your home’s best features, such as high windows, heritage detailing, wooden flooring, or alfresco spaces in their design approach.
  • Use colour wisely. Styling a property for sale often means choosing a neutral colour palette that appeals to most buyers. Many house stylists choose one or two accent colours to offset the contemporary neutrals and bring character to the space. Your location or design theme can also influence your colour choices.

Find a Professional Home Stylist in the Northern Beaches Region

The Styling Project is an established home styling company with years of experience in professional property styling for Northern Beaches homes. We are passionate about contemporary coastal design, and we offer flexible styling packages to suit your taste. We love finding exciting furniture and tasteful décor for your home, and we have thousands of luxury pieces at our disposal to make sure every design is unique.

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