Property Staging Northern Beaches

Property Staging in Northern Beaches to Give You the Edge

When contemplating selling your home, it is worth engaging with a professional, experienced partner for staging the property. Since our team all live in Northern Beaches, we are at an advantage with knowing and understanding the appeal and demographic of the suburbs. With our many years of experience in the real estate industry, a flair for decorating homes uniquely, and love of furniture and art pieces, we are the perfect team for property staging in Northern Beaches and Lower North Shore.

Our talented team will style your home to capture the hearts of buyers and maximise its sales potential. Sometimes a few changes are all that’s needed to create an enticing setting for potential buyers – however, we also do full stylings. We can create the perfect setting to promote your home to potential buyers no matter the need.

The Various Services We Offer When Staging a Home for Sale

To increase the chance of obtaining your asking price and selling your home quickly, we will showcase your house by staging it with a sense of coastal sophistication. Our team has a keen eye for spotting the potential aspects of every home that can be used to attract prospective buyers. In every project we undertake, we draw on the strengths and experience of each team member. These include real estate insight, interior styling talents, creativity, and the ability to develop unique ideas for each home. We style to make properties look beautiful and appealing. Still, we focus on showcasing the functional spaces to encourage buyers to aspire to the home and lifestyle that form the property.

  • Our services include property styling, home staging, decorating, interior styling, colour consulting, decluttering, and furniture selection.
  • With a Full Style, we will maximise your home to its highest potential, using furniture and accessories carefully chosen from our warehouse. This option is excellent if the property is unfurnished when going to market. We offer a Pack and Move service if you opt for the full style option but still live in your home. Our team of packers and movers will assist you with packing your furniture and storing it while using our furniture.
  • If you cannot move your furniture or prefer to keep it during the marketing phase, we offer a Partial Style service. With this option, we will utilise your furnishings to bring attention to the positive aspects of the house by repositioning and possibly adding a few of our furniture or accessories to various rooms.
  • From experience, we have found that uncluttered houses tend to sell faster and therefore offer Decluttering Services. We will assist you in removing unnecessary and unused items and rearranging your belongings to get your home ready for the marketing process.

Of course, you can use a combination of our services to prepare your home for viewing and increase the chances of a short period on the market and getting the best offer.

The Benefits of Staging a House for Sale

In 2018 statistics showed that professionally staged homes increased in value by more than eight percent, and vacant homes took twice as long to sell and sold for less than unstaged, occupied homes. Professionally styling and staging depersonalise your home, allowing prospective buyers to visualise themselves living in the house.

  • A well-staged house can maximise the perception of the home’s size by optically expanding the living spaces to make the rooms appear airier.
  • Carefully selected placement of furniture and accessories will improve the photos of your home for online virtual tours where many of today’s potential homeowners begin their searches.
  • Staging enhances positive features of a home, such as a well laid out kitchen or outdoor entertainment area.
  • It also allows showing alternative possibilities for the rooms in the house.

The Procedure We Follow for Residential Property Staging

We will meet you in your home to get a feel of the house and area to assess how best we can assist. Once you’ve accepted our quote, we will schedule the installation date and arrange for decluttering and furniture storage if required.

Our stylists will then meet with you to design a unique styling package for your property and the target market. We will go through the beautiful and unique pieces of furniture and accessories we’ve collected over the years from Australia and worldwide to select pieces that will enhance the house’s positive features. We’ll deliver and style your house on the same day, and then your home is ready for marketing photos and show days.

Our team will collect the furniture and accessories once your house is sold. You and the new owner can also purchase any staging items from us.

So before placing your house on the market, contact us and make use of our experience in real estate and staging to increase potential offers.